How it works

ShelfPix is an automated measurement tool that collects POS execution data through digital image recognition. A step forward in terms of speed, cost and accuracy.
It captures shelf images
Transfers to server
Processes images
Compares them to predefined company standards
Generates management reports
Makes data available for further integration


  • Share of shelf
  • Shelf space
  • Assortment (SKU quantity and variety)
  • Out-of-stocks
  • Prices
  • Planogram compliance
  • Placement of Point-of-sales Material
  • Extra POS evaluation (Endcaps)


  • Geolocation
  • Global Product Classification
  • Execution strategy, Planogram, Product Mix and Share of Shelf
  • Predefined KPIs


ShelfPix was designed to make POS operations easier. The simplicity ends there. The driving force behind it is a cutting-edge digital image recognition software capable of comparing key points at fast speed and high accuracy levels in a continuous learning and improvement process. Capturing images of a whole shelf is not an easy task -particularly in small stores in emerging markets -that’s why ShelfPix’s image capturing technology with image stabilization guarantees an even easier and smoother operation..



Cost reduction.

Lower labor costs allow for a substantial increase in the number of POS visits.

Information at your fingertips for faster decision making.

Manual and labor intensive tasks are replaced by an accurate and dynamic process

Strategy and Performance Report Generation.

Real time cross checking of data with other integrated systems..
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