About us


ShelfPix was created to develop cutting-edge technology for POS monitoring through digital image recognition.

A combination of gray matter, experience and entrepreneurial spirit, ShelfPix develops breakthrough solutions to old problems that were always there but that have now become top priority, requiring more efficient tools to get the job done.


The importance of good in-store execution is well known. No FMCG company can afford to neglect or even underestimate it. But when it comes down to measuring things get more complicated. And if you cannot measure, you cannot set targets, cannot understand trends, cannot benchmark. You simply cannot manage.

Collecting data on the performance of your POS execution teams is expensive, complex, time consuming and vulnerable to many flaws. Conflicts can happen as well – very often, the team with targets or bonuses linked to POS execution is the same one collecting the data.

If you want to expand the sample, costs can increase exponentially, limiting the drilldown capability per channel, store size or geolocation – making it all very hard to establish individual targets

This can also become a governance flaw. And yes, you can use third-parties to do the job. But why would you, if you can now do it cheaper, faster and more accurately?

The world is moving to digital. Execution Management is no exception.